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Marriage Tip: Discover Each Other’s Love Language

Discover your spouse's Love Language and love them the way in which they truly feel loved.

Marriage Tip: Discover Each Other’s Love Language Marriage Tip: Discover Each Other's Love Language

A Loving Relationship Helps You To Change And Grow

Be willing to be the change necessary for your relationship to grow.

A Loving Relationship Helps You To Change And Grow A Loving Relationship Helps You To Change And Grow

Take Five Every Day For Your Relationship

Take Five Everyday And Connect With Your Spouse

Take Five Every Day For Your Relationship Take Five Every Day For Your Relationship

Relationship Tip Of The Week

Keep your connection strong. Point out all that your partner does right in loving you.

Relationship Tip Of The Week Relationship Tip Of The Week

Relationships Help You to Discover The Real You

Love allows you to be loved for who you are - really!

Relationships Help You to Discover The Real You Relationships Help You to Discover The Real You

Did You Really Hear Me…

Better Communication really means listening to the one you love.

Did You Really Hear Me… Did You Really Hear Me...

Relationship Tip Of The Week

Making Time For Fun Keeps The Romance Strong!

Relationship Tip Of The Week Relationship Tip Of The Week

There Is Something I Love About You…

The Best Relationships Come From A Place Of Acceptance and Understanding.

There Is Something I Love About You… There Is Something I Love About You...

Ways To Get Your Spouse To Read Your Mind

Start telling each other what you really need from each other.

Ways To Get Your Spouse To Read Your Mind Ways To Get Your Spouse To Read Your Mind

Marriage Advice

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How To Have Lasting Love In Marriage

What Makes Love Last? Keeping the connection strong between the two of you makes love last forever . . . There are numerous ideas about what really makes love last.  Some say it is spending time together.  Others say it is great communication.  Still others feel that it is complete acceptance. What I know to be […]

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What’s Happened To Your Marriage?

When your marriage is in trouble  . . . Something is seriously wrong with your marriage. You are concerned because things seem to be getting worse and worse. There is a big gap between the two of you and you don’t know what to do to help your marriage. How are you going to admit […]

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When Your Marriage Gets In A Marital Rut

How to Dig Out of a Marital Rut A client recently asked me for some marriage rut-busting tips. What should you do to get your marriage out of a rut or mundane routine? First know that a marital rut is  sometimes a good sign. It means your marriage is stable. But stability and boredom don’t have […]

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Can Save Marriage

Simple Things Can Save Marriage Know that you can save your marriage. Contrary to popular belief, simple steps can save marriage. If you’re in what you consider to be a bad place in your own marriage, often you feel that there is no way to make things better. If you and your partner have been […]

Marriage Advice

Don’t Seek Advice From Family and Friends About Your Relationship

 Don’t Destroy Your Marriage Three Vital Reasons To Not seek Relationship Advice From Your Family And Friends There are a million pitfalls for any relationship to fall into and crumble, but don’t ever let yours be that you tried to seek advice from family and friends.  Don’t seek advice from family and friends about your […]

How To Stay In Love

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5 Best Things to Do for Your Relationship

5 Best Things to Do for Your Relationship By Nina Burleigh O, The Oprah Magazine |  May 15, 2005 . . .  Even though this is from a while back these are great tips from the experts to help you stay in love! Are you ready to take your relationship to a new level? Heed […]

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Being a Wife is Not Easy

 Ways To Be A Wife What are the ways to make being a wife easier? Being a wife is not easy and that may be one of the biggest understatements ever uttered by anyone in the history of mankind or any other kind.  Not only do you have to do what is required of you […]

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Growing Together in Your Relationship

You may be with your soul mate and it is possible that you have been together for many a year. Even if you have been together for 50 or 60 years it is very important for you to always be growing together in your relationship. This doesn’t just mean that you come together as one and leave the individual sides of you behind, this means that both partners in a relationship must be growing together at all times.

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How to Have a Happy Marriage

Many people fear the institution of marriage because they believe that it takes major things to make a marriage work and they don’t know how to have a happy marriage. The truth is that you can avoid many things that would normally make your relationship suffer by being aware and kind. Are you afraid of not knowing how to have a happy marriage?

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How To Have A Healthy Marriage

What is a healthy marriage? There are at least two characteristics that all healthy marriages have in common. 1.)  Healthy Marriages are mutually enriching 2.) Both spouses have a deep respect for each other. It is a mutually satisfying relationship that is beneficial to the husband, wife and children (if present). It is a relationship […]

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The Dream You Have For Your Marriage

Dream Come True Marriage Living the dream of a happy marriage Dreams are such a living source of hope. Hope for what is possible. This is also true for your relationship. There is a dream that lives inside you that shows you where you want your relationship to be.  Sometimes, you are dreaming about having […]

Marriage Tips

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The Woman In Your Life Is A Reflection Of Your Love

How Brad Pitt Took Action When His Relationship With Angelina Jolie Started Unraveling “I lost hope and thought that we’ll get divorced soon … But then I decided to act on it” – Brad Pitt writes in a sweet love letter to Angelina Jolie “My wife got sick.  She was constantly nervous because of problems […]

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The Truth About Infidelity

Infidelity And What To Do After The Affair Recent statistics suggest that 40% of women (and that number is increasing) and 60% of men at one point indulge in extramarital affairs. Put those numbers together and it is estimated that 80% of the marriages will have one spouse at one point or another involved in […]


Before A Relationship Breaks Up Hits You

Before Your Relationship Breaks Up . . . Make Sure That You Do Everything You Can To Save Your Marriage Fair to say you’re reading this because you can see relationship problems or you feel a break up coming and you’re wondering what you can do before it gets to that point. Well the good […]


Separation Relationships – Do They Work

Will Separation Help Your Relationship or Save Your Marriage? Or Is Separation Just Putting Off The Inevitable? Once you get to the stage where divorce is on the cards, you might want to consider trying a separation. Relationships that try separation before they opt for a more permanent choice of divorce or permanent breakup, often […]


Marriage Infidelity – Tips To Help You Save Your Marriage Before And After

Tips To Help You Save Your Marriage Before And After The Affair Marriage infidelity is often the biggest reason that marriages end. Truth is, there have probably been problems in the marriage long before an affair occurred, but often the affair can turn out to be the breaking point. The key then is to deal […]

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Controlled Separation May Stop Your Divorce

What is a Controlled Separation and can it work for you? There is another alternative when considering a divorce. Controlled separation is a new approach to dealing with marital problems that has grown in popularity over the last few years. The ultimate goal of controlled separation is to save the marriage by working with a counselor by […]

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How Do You Make Love Last Forever

Can you stay in love and find more love than ever before? If love is a woman, this is how to make her stay, forever. 1. Love her fiercely. Connection is key, vulnerability is bravery – so create safety for her at all times – , and an open heart breaks down closed souls or brings back a […]

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New Year’s Resolutions For Your Marriage

7 Relationship Resolutions Worth Keeping Invest in what matters in 2014 By:  Kory Floyd, Ph.D. in Affectionado At a time when many of us resolve to lose weight, save more money, and live a more disciplined life in the new year, it is helpful to take stock of what’s most important to many of us: our relationships. […]

Faces Of The Heart Helps Couples With Marriage Problems

Your Relationship Psychology

Improving Your Marriage With Your Relationship Psychology  Use Your Relationship Psychology To Understand Your Spouse                                      No relationship is perfect, but it is possible to make your marriage more enjoyable for each of you. After all, your relationship psychology […]

How To Save Your Marriage

Marriage Trouble In Love’s Paradise?

Where Can I Get Help To Save My Marriage    Feel like you’ve exhausted every option you could think up on your own and you just want to storm into some marriage counselors’ office and shout, “Help me save my marriage? Please!” Except for the shouting part, you’re actually on the right track looking for […]

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Freedom To Love Completely In Your Relationship

Free To Love Completely In Your Marriage How to break through what hold you back from love. During our celebrations of the July 4th holiday, most of us took a few moments to reflect on our freedom. Think about this slogan – “freedom isn’t free” and combine that with the holiday, putting in to terms […]

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Want To Know How Kids Look At Marriage?

WHAT KIDS SAY ABOUT LOVE & MARRIAGE The Interesting, Honest Things Kids Say About Marriage This is from an interview: 1. HOW DO YOU DECIDE WHOM TO MARRY? You got to find somebody who likes the same stuff. Like, if you like sports, she should like it that you like sports, and she should keep […]