Prevent Your Divorce, Get Help

When you ask relationship experts what the top killers to good relationships are they will invariably answer the same way, the reluctance to listen to help.  If you are looking for ways to prevent your divorce then you need to find ways to get help from third parties that are not directly related to you.  What you will find below is ways to prevent your divorce without resigning yourself to a loveless marriage.

Here are three ways to prevent your divorce:

  1. Go to a relationship expert that believes in marriage  and that specializes in marriage or relationships – certainly what I stand for.  This may seem like an obvious way to prevent your divorce, but isn’t that what you are looking for.  They will have great tips and tools to help you get through the rough spots. The focus should always be on where do you go from here instead of digging up your past.
  2. Take a marriage enrichment class. I actually offer several as a teleclass series. Check out the Events Page.
  3. Seek guidance from older couples through a support group.  There are people out there who have been in your situation and prevented their own divorce, they can help you prevent your divorce.
  4. Sometimes the easiest way to prevent your divorce is to work on yourself separately.  Perhaps if you visit a self-help expert on your own and your spouse does the same the problems you have will fix themselves.

Do you think it is helpful to seek help for relationship problems?

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