What Are You Giving to Your Relationship?

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In the end of your relationship when you are looking back at what was and what could have been you will always come back to one simple, but loaded, question: what are you giving to your relationship? In order to make things better or just make things enjoyable for you and your partner you must consider what you are giving to your relationship and how you can improve on this. It’s time to take immediate action and take a look at how you got to this point.

What follows is three ways you can take stock of and change what are you giving to your relationship.

1. What are you giving to your relationship more happiness or sorrow? If you look back through your days with your partner and you realize that you have caused more pain than you have created joy then you might need to reevaluate your process. Consider making more time for fun activities and less time for stressful jobs like paying bills or balancing the checkbook.

2. When you are asked what are you giving to your relationship always be able to answer that you are giving love and respect. If you feel that you are not
treating your partner with equal and exceeding amounts of love and respect, consider what you could do different.

3. If you are asked how you are giving to your relationship don’t ever forget about help. If you constantly offer help and assistance to your partner then you
will never be lacking in your relationship and you will always be proud of what you are giving to your relationship. It send the message that they are a priority and an important part of your life.

The best way to look at your relationship is from the perspective of giving. If you have that mindset, your relationship will continue to grow and flourish. Your partner will begin to take notice that you are giving and start reciprocating with ways they can give to you. Keep noticing ways to connect and become closer and closer to the one you love. Then you will always look back on how far you have come together as a couple and know that you in fact did give to the relationship all that you could. What you are giving to your relationship can close the gaps and allow the other person to feel cherished and loved.

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Best Tips for Having Fun as a Part of Your Relationship


Create The Relationship You Both Want... by adding time for fun

Any relationship is going to go through its share of ups and downs, but if you follow some of the best tips for having fun as a part of your relationship you will have much more ups than downs.  Keep in mind that these are not ways for you to save your relationship, but instead was that you can have fun in your relationship and not allow it to get to the point of needing to be saved.  Do you want your relationship bad enough to consider all of the tips?

Here are the 3 best tips for having fun as a part of your relationship:

  1. Laugh at Each Other- this is not to say that you need to make fun of each other and belittle your partner.  When you make a mistake or forget something small during the day have a good laugh and don’t forget that life is so simple and short.
  2. Act Like a Kid Sometimes- we all have a tendency to think that when we get old we are supposed to stop acting careless every now and then.  Go play some putt-putt or ride the bumper cars every now and then, add some fun as a part of your relationship.
  3. Act Like You Just Met- when looking at the best tips for having fun as a part of your relationship this may be the best.  Every now and again when you go out to dinner or a movie act as if you know nothing about each other.  You will likely learn something new and might just forget your petty differences for a little while.